Honeybees cannot live alone. Their body structure and instincts equip them for life in a colony of community, where they have a complex social organization and the various duties are divided among the individuals according to ...

bee 英 [bi:] 美 [bi] n. 蜜蜂; (集工作、竞赛、娱乐为一体的)聚会 网络 密蜂; 大黄蜂; 中 复数: bees

honeybee 或是bee 有两种 意思都是相同的哦 我这答案准没错 我是英语老师

bee 英 [biː] n. 蜜蜂,蜂;勤劳的人 复数bees

bee bee

你好! 蜜蜂 honeybee 英[ˈhʌnibi:] 美[ˈhʌniˌbi] n. 蜜蜂; [例句]We like to see flowers and butterflies and the honeybee of figures. 我们总喜欢在花丛中看蝴蝶和蜜蜂的身影。

师会感到欣慰,这是感恩.当 同学遭遇困难时,你可以去用尽全力地安慰帮助他(她),使他(她)能够解决困难,克服困难,变得快 乐.这也是感恩. 其实所有的这些感恩都不困难,只要有心,只要有爱,只要别人遇到困难,我相信我们一定能会,也 能够去包容,帮...

Drink honey every day is a good habit, regular meals and drink the body is very good. Add honey pollen is the top grade, beauty, really very effective! Pregnant suitable for drinking honey. Not only beauty, but also laxative. M...

Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. Bees are a monophyletic lineage within the superfamily Apoidea, presently classified by the unranked taxon name Anthophila. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bee...

请查一下关于蜜蜂的资料 Please check the information about the bees. 请查一下关于蜜蜂的资料 Please check the information about the bees.

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