你好! 蜜蜂 bee 英[bi:] 美[bi] n. 蜜蜂; (集工作、竞赛、娱乐为一体的) 聚会; [例句]He's got a bee in his bonnet about factory farming. 他满脑子都是工厂化养殖的事儿。

蜜蜂 honeybee 蜜蜂 honeybee

Bees are flying insects, closely related to wasps and ants. Bees are a monophyletic lineage within the superfamily Apoidea, presently classified by the unranked taxon name Anthophila. There are slightly fewer than 20,000 known ...

Drink honey every day is a good habit, regular meals and drink the body is very good. Add honey pollen is the top grade, beauty, really very effective! Pregnant suitable for drinking honey. Not only beauty, but also laxative. M...

bee 英 [bi:] 美 [bi] n. 蜜蜂; (集工作、竞赛、娱乐为一体的)聚会 网络 密蜂; 大黄蜂; 中 复数: bees

有关蜜蜂的诗 Cold bee petals Tang Geng Wei Swim streaming under clear sky, find fragrant chrysanthemum plexus. Sound to core, even the shadow in the fragrance. To live with the rest of the height of fog, passing wind. Can diffe...


蜜蜂的英语:bee 英 [biː] 美 [bi] n. 蜜蜂,蜂;勤劳的人 n. (Bee)人名;(赤几)贝埃;(东南亚国家华语)美;(英)比(女子教名Beatrix和Beatrice的昵称) 词组短语 bee pollen 蜂花粉 queen bee 蜂王;社交界女王 honey bee n. 蜜蜂 busy as ...

你好! 蜜蜂 honeybee 英[ˈhʌnibi:] 美[ˈhʌniˌbi] n. 蜜蜂; [例句]We like to see flowers and butterflies and the honeybee of figures. 我们总喜欢在花丛中看蝴蝶和蜜蜂的身影。

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